Wood Burning Stove Multi Fuel Fireplace Log Burner Prity PM3

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Fantastic Quality, Price and Service from The Green hat

Imagine you are sitting in a comfortable arm-chair with a hot drink in hand and enjoy the flames from the burning logs, the heat is so gentle and soothing, it’s just like you’re in your own little world.
There is not a person who wouldn’t love to create a small place where they can enjoy some relaxing time after the long, busy day.
Let us show you how easy it is to create your own comfortable warm space using our beautifully crafted Wood Burners. Just simply view our listings to make the right choice.
To make the right choice it is necessary to decide which of the functions of the products PRITY is the most important for you:
For heating of one room, of some rooms, of some floors or only for a decor
The heating appliance has to be in a room or in a non-residential room
To prepare meal – on embers, on a plate, in an oven
Or to supplement the interior in a fashionable or an antique style

To calculate the necessary power you must have in mind that for the heating of one cubic metre 25 to 180 Watts are necessary depending on the exposure, insulations, the packing of the woodworks, the temperature outside, the speed of the winds and the weather that is necessary heat comfort to be achieved.

Enjoy the flames from the burning logs and the warmth from wood burner Prity PM3. The fireplace structure is :

  • Combustion chamber lined with firebricks that accumulate heat and increase burning temperature.The combustion chamber is equipped with heat resistant ceramic glass.
  • Cast iron grate
  • Smoke damper for adjusting the flame intensity
  • Metal door handles. Panoramic glass sides.
  • Built-in compartment to store and dry moist wood.

Achieving the desired heat output depends on the selected fuel with the necessary caloricity and humidity; its subsequent kindling and refueling; the regulation of the primary and the secondary air as well as the draught; the organizing of effective air heat exchange etc.


graphite black

Combustion chamber LxBxH, mm:

660 x 310 x 400 mm

Efficiency, %:


Flue diameter (outside)

mm Ø 150

Height x Width х Depth [mm]

920 x690 x 390 mm

Nominal power (kW)


Weight [kg]


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