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A solar thermal collector collects heat by absorbing sunlight. A collector is a device for capturing solar radiation. Solar radiation is energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation from the infrared (long) to the ultraviolet (short) wavelengths. The quantity of solar energy striking the Earth’s surface (solar constant) averages about 1,000 watts per square meter under clear skies, depending upon weather conditions, location and orientation.

The term “solar collector” commonly refers to solar hot water panels, but may refer to installations such as solar parabolic troughs and solar towers, or basic installations such as solar air heaters. Concentrated solar powerplants usually use the more complex collectors to generate electricity by heating a fluid to drive a turbine connected to an electrical generator.[1] Simple collectors are typically used in residential and commercial buildings for space heating. The first solar thermal collector designed for building roofs was patented by William H. Goettl and called the “Solar heat collector and radiator for building roof”.

– Highly absorbing;
– Ribbed aluminum absorber of a multilayer selective coating from a leading German supplier;
– Selective coating laser welded to absorber;
– Collecting and absorbing pipes made from copper;
– Insulation made of stone mineral wool – 40 mm, to guarantee minimum heat losses, even in extreme conditions;
– Hardened heat resistant prismatic glass of low iron content;
– Unique steady construction – a frame from a single-component aluminum profile, anodized coated;
– Gaskets from UV-protected and heat-resistant silicone;
– Long period of operation.

Heat transfer fluid (usually thermal oil) runs through the tube to absorb the concentrated sunlight. This increases the temperature of the fluid to some 400 °C.[5] The heat transfer fluid is then used to heat steam in a standard turbine generator. The process is economical and, for heating the pipe, thermal efficiency ranges from 60-80%. The overall efficiency from collector to grid, i.e. (Electrical Output Power)/(Total Impinging Solar Power) is about 15%, similar to PV (Photovoltaic Cells) but less than Stirling dish concentrators.

Gross surface area [m2]


Height x Width х Depth [mm]

2000 x 1250 x 85

Weight [kg]


Nominal volume [l]


Dimensions LxBxH, mm:

2000 x 1250 x 85 mm

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