Barbecue outdoor garden grill

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Easy to assemble, rectangular shape suitable for baking and preparing a barbecue for up to 4 people, suitable for camping, tent or outdoors in nature.
Tusima BBQ is the perfect solution and to dining in a garden, courtyard, .
Material: Heat resistant sheet metal covered with black silicone mat, resistant to high temperature (700 °C)

Material of grill: Steel with chrome plated
Features: Easy assembly
Dimensions: 41/27/87cm
Fuel type: Charcoal
Usage restrictions: Outdoor use only
Weight: 9kg
Colour: Black
Safety details: Do not leave unattended. Do not allow children to use barbecue. Keep children and pets away from barbecue. Never use the barbecue indoors or in confined area. Danger of carbon monoxide poisoning – never light the barbecue or let it smoulder or cool down in confined spaces. Never overload the barbecue with too much charcoal. Do not use spirit or petrol for lighting or re-lighting. Do not move the BBQ when it is in use.

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