About Us

Thermosiphon for pitched roof, water heater 120L, collector 2.0 m2The Green Hat We can help you. With a broad range of products we are able to offer high quality solutions for a very competitive price.

Now that the energy issue is becoming more complex, increasing the need for green energy facilities. The Green Hat is a UK company that dynamic future confidently confronts.

We provide durable and reliable products to enhance the energy and heat management at your home or in your business, and eventually even to create fully energy independent. The Green Hat provides high-quality products that meet all applicable European regulations . Because we are the sole importer of the ELDOMINVEST LTD . And our products fall directly from the manufacturer, we supply at a highly competitive price. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with ELDOM we are also always able to see the latest developments in the field of heating – and to offer power solutions. the Green Hat is not only a wide range of sustainable products, but also likes to think about energy that best suits you. You can always call us for advice.

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