External thermoregulator.

Special “6-level protection”.

Elliptic flange with a special design.

Combined PBT safety valve.


Wood burning stoves for
space heating 10kW and 13kW;

Wood boiler stove 22kW – 17kW water
heating and 5kW space heating output.

Model 13kW with cooking oven;


Electric with traditional cast-iron plates
with glass ceramic fast heating cooking zones;

White, grey-inox or black colour

With one or two gas burners

With electric or gas oven


Vacuum-tube solar collectors

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Thermo-Syphon Systems


Water Heaters

Special “6-level protection”.
Elliptic flange with a special design.
Combined PBT safety valve.
External thermoregulator.

Green Energy

Use of one or two independent energy sources.
One or two heat exchangers with large surface.
Extremely low heat losses.
Enameled or stainless steel inner tank.

Wood Burners, Stoves, Accessories

Compact dimensions and universal application.
One radiant heating zone and one gas burner cookers.
Two gas burners cookers.
Wood burning stoves for space heating.

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The Green Hat delivers high quality energy and heating solutions that work without fossil fuels. You have the ability to be completely self-sufficient. For existing homes, corporations and people with a smaller budget.

Because we are the UK importer of Eldon Invest Ltd. our products come directly from the manufacturer, we supply at a highly competitive price.

Our range extends from electric boilers, pellet stoves to heat pumps.

  • We can arrange installation for you.
  • High quality at a competitive price
  • Many products in stock.
  • Perfect service.

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